In Hot Pursuit

In Hot Pursuit

Artist: Leisa Rich

Title: In Hot Pursuit

Attribution: In Hot Pursuit, 2022, Leisa Rich

Year: 2022

Materials: Vinyl, fabric, thread, dye, acrylic paint

Dimensions: 88" X 68" X 1"

Image Statement: Serendipity led my husband and I back to my home country Canada in 2020 after decades living in the U.S. and abroad, to a 97 year old farmhouse on Howe Island, near Kingston. The twinkling St. Lawrence River outside our door, deer, coyote, fox, birds, and quiet peace of this lovely land and water, were healing after the tumult of the political situation in the U.S., and a pandemic. Nature never ceases to heal in times of trouble, and it is to nature that Rich turns for her subject matter. Two coyote like to grandly occupy the hill outside my door, surveying the expanse for the beautiful, white-tailed deer that trek across my property. This is not a statement merely about the challenges of survival in the animal world, but also about the difficulties humans face.