My Gemini Heart Neckpiece

My Gemini Heart Neckpiece

Artist: Sean Paul Gallegos

Title: My Gemini Heart Neckpiece

Attribution: My Gemini Heart Neckpiece, 2020, Sean Paul Gallegos

Year: 2020

Materials: hand sewn and embroidered discarded sneaker scraps, thread, cotton tablet woven cord, findings

Dimensions: 28 x 6 x 2.25 in.

Image Statement: In the tradition of my practice, I often create a relation neckpiece. Worn to the relation scuplture’s exhibition opening reception. The relation sculpture is the first piece submitted Corazon Alado currently on view at the 41st Contemporary Craft exhibition at the Mesa Contemporary Art Museum. This is the latest in the mashup of hand sewn and embroidered sneaker sculpture on a tablet woven cord.