Artist: Shannon Molter

Title: Babel

Attribution: Babel

Year: 2020

Materials: Leather, acrylic, indigo dye, stitching

Dimensions: 49 x 63 inches

Image Statement: Shannon Molter is a sculptor working with found materials whose histories span cultures, especially leather and fur garments. By working with castoff materials from high embodied energy processes, utilizing time and labor intensive craft techniques, she maintains a tie to the animal and its life, while redrawing a severed connection between “us and them.” As human technological and societal evolution continues, the disconnection from non-human voices also deepens. We may lose our ability to communicate -- the richness in our languages, forms of expression and role, within an integrated ecological system. By presenting work resituating humans and non-humans in relationship, Molter hopes to weigh contemporary societal and artistic conventions, especially around the value of the made object. She directs the viewer's gaze inward, presenting relatable materials, images, and objects in unfamiliar states, to encourage entangled perspectives.