If you could walk in my shoes.

If you could walk in my shoes.

Artist: Bebe Kuhr

Title: If you could walk in my shoes.

Attribution: If you could walk in my shoes. - Art by Bebe - Installation - 2023

Year: 2023

Materials: Repurposed Telephone Wire , armature, clay, fiber and repurposed plastic. Technique: Knotless Netting Technique

Dimensions: H-40" D-20" W-50"

Image Statement: I thrive on experimenting with different and unconventional materials. In this case I used repurposed telephone wire. I’ve created a series of shoe sculptures called “If you could walk in my shoes.” It allows me to explore a myriad of subject matters to use in making my art. Each sculpture has a meaning ranging from; performing arts, global warming, social justice, endangered and unusual species, and much more. I use the ancient weaving technique called knotless netting. This hand weaving precedes crochet and was originally used to make clothing. The process is laborious and it involves passing the full length of the wire through each loop. It allows me to meditate and absorb the thought process of each piece. My sculptural art is not only contemporary but expands of boundaries of this ancient technique.