Quilt Suspension 1

Quilt Suspension 1

Artist: Holly Wong

Title: Quilt Suspension 1

Attribution: Quilt Suspension 1, 2022, Holly Wong

Year: 2022

Materials: Silk, cotton and organza with LED lighting

Dimensions: 5’H x 5’W x 1.5’D

Image Statement: I am drawn to quilted or pieced fabrics as a proxy for the body. I choose to manipulate synthetic materials such as cellophane and dichroic film with natural fibers of silk and cotton, because of their transparent qualities that, when layered, remind me of my layered sense of my past as well as permeable separation between the living and the dead. There are many stories and fact becomes permeable. These works incorporate LED strip lighting interacts with the transparent quilt fabric. The linear element of the light is a kind of drawing for me as it fluidly moves through the quilt block structure. Moreover, this combination of ephemeral materials with LED strip lighting and diffusion film serves as a proxy for her mother’s spirit. The layers of pieced fabric are suspended over this light-spirit as a shroud or mourning cloth. Inspired by Chinese funeral customs, the quilt layers become burial blankets that are offered by the children of the deceased and layered upon their loved ones.