Stitch and Wonder #3

Stitch and Wonder #3

Artist: Philippa Renshaw

Title: Stitch and Wonder #3

Attribution: Stitch and Wonder #3, 2021, Philippa Renshaw

Year: 2021

Materials: Recycled denim, Janome machine sewing, Embroidery thread, Secondhand rope and cord, time, patience, peace, play.

Dimensions: 44 x 24 inches

Image Statement: Piece is created by initially piecing secondhand denim that I’ve accumulated, before freehand hand sewing around the piece, changing colour whenever the current embroidery thread ran out. Throughout the journey around the piece I wrap and encase off-cut plywood shapes left over and repurposed from older works and wrap found pieces of cord that would often be thrown away due to size. The hand sewn pattern is created in the moment and moves around the full size of the fabric wrapping, weaving up and down, avoiding crossing lines wherever possible. The intention behind this piece was to find some moments of peace and clarity of modern life, allowing myself time each day to live in the moment and create directly with my hands.