Making sense of the patterns around me.

Making sense of the patterns around me.

Artist: Philippa Renshaw

Title: Making sense of the patterns around me.

Attribution: Making sense of the patterns around me, 2022, Philippa Renshaw.

Year: 2022

Materials: Secondhand Fabric, HeatnBond, Cotton Thread, Time, Patience, Energy, Love.

Dimensions: 5.5ft x 14ft

Image Statement: This piece is a large double sided textile hanging along with a theirs additional pattern created by shadows on the whit wall behind. The hanging is made using only secondhand fabrics to avoid over consumption which the textile industry faces everyday. Each fabric piece has been cared for from start to finish, from initially finding, washing, drying, ironing, cutting to finally machine piecing together. I have chosen to not use a backstitch at all and leave threads hanging so that over time the piece can unravel and fray from use / storage. The piece is really a labour of love and time for me to not only consider labour, consumption, but also the environment I live within. The shapes come from my surface pattern archive, as well as drawings from my daily observations of mundane patterns / shapes that can be noticed between buildings and the hyper-growth San Francisco is facing with new new areas wipes of any individuality. Botanical forms are a constant to me beyond hyper change.