Focusing on the mundane pleasures.

Focusing on the mundane pleasures.

Artist: Philippa Renshaw

Title: Focusing on the mundane pleasures.

Attribution: Focusing on the mundane pleasures, 2022, Philippa Renshaw.

Year: 2022

Materials: Secondhand fabric, wire, lino and screen printed fabric, machine sewing, appliqué.

Dimensions: 7ft x 5.5ft

Image Statement: This piece is made from a few different works recycled and joined together to create something new. The lino printing fabric comes from freehand lino carving, where I don’t pre draw and just allow myself to work freely in the moment carving from photos, memory and imagination. I choose for the fabric to be printed with a gradient to show my hand and labour within the work. This has been been overlayed and disrupted by lines of coloured fabric stitched between and block abstract appliqué shapes machine stitched over the top. There’s a sense of organisation and structure upon initial glance at the piece, however once you look a bit more you notice the unevenness, disorganisation and chaos in the piece. Much like our urban environments when we look a little deeper and into the mundane. This piece adds another element with refined cut shapes casting shadows onto the wall behind adding another layer.