Artist: Fleur Thesmar


Attribution: Nothing happened, 2023, Thesmar

Year: 2023

Materials: Linen, milkweed, wool, cotton, cyanotype, video

Dimensions: 35x42 inches

Image Statement: "Nothing happened" is an artwork by Fleur Thesmar. It's made of with a physical material, an embroidered canvas, and a movie designed to be projected either on the canvas or on its side (visible on my website). Both have been inspired by the same imagery of gardens and roses, wild weeds and trees. But the subject is the confrontation of beauty and pain, like the thorny rose. On the hand woven canvas, Thesmar inserted her own handspun threads of milkweed and pink wool, in the shapes of pink tears. They represent the tears of powerlessness in front of pain and the additional mental pain in front of indifference. All around have been embroidered suggestions of beauty, present all around us in gardens and in the wilderness, sometimes looking indifferent, sometimes as a consolation against affliction. Two cyanotypes are printed on the canvas with thorny flowers and thistles. The video suggests that the world goes on in its mesmerizing beauty. The canvas is 35x42 inches.