KnoW Safe Place

KnoW Safe Place

Artist: Debra Disman

Title: KnoW Safe Place

Attribution: K no W Safe Place, 2023, Debra Disman

Year: 2023

Materials: Canvas, netting, hemp cord, nylon cord, cotton cord, lace, ribbon, acrylic paint, wood

Dimensions: 60 x 48 x 48"

Image Statement: “KnoW Safe Place” is an installation composed of 3 two-dimensional components that create a three-dimensional architectural space which can be entered and thus experienced from both within and without. In a time of fraught change, conflict and uncertainty, the work speaks to the challenge of finding any safe place to be, while simultaneously providing this to the viewer-participant. Creating such a place out of textiles, paint and wood expresses the power and dignity of our own making processes and imagination.