A Practical Dreamer

A Practical Dreamer

Artist: Elise Vazelakis

Title: A Practical Dreamer

Attribution: 2023, A Practical Dreamer , Elise Vazelakis

Year: 2023

Materials: Plastic Packaging, thread, Rope

Dimensions: 120 x 60 x 72 in

Image Statement: A Practical Dreamer centers on the creation of a plastic cloth made by piecing together packaging materials, and through this process, I examined my own consumption habits. The triangular pattern of the cloth is a tribute to Buckminster Fuller's ideas about efficiency and the value of doing more with less. His philosophy has profoundly impacted my creative work, particularly evident in my primary exhibition piece titled A Practical Dreamer. This piece draws inspiration from Fuller's geodesic dome and his emphasis on sustainability and maximizing resources. To create this work, I repurposed discarded plastic packaging to construct a large dome structure, which I inverted and suspended from the ceiling to evoke a womb form. This inversion subverts the traditional dome shape and centers the focus on feminist ideals.