Balancing Act: Gee Whiz

Balancing Act:  Gee Whiz

Artist: Dena Crain

Title: Balancing Act: Gee Whiz

Attribution: Gee Whiz, 2012, Dena Dale Crain

Year: 2012

Materials: Silk fabrics, acrylic fabric paint, decorative threads

Dimensions: 40" x 41"

Image Statement: A cut, shift and sew procedure with pieced linear elements added to the patchwork makes this quilt lively and full of spontaneity, reminiscent of the work of Gee's Bend quilters. Made from 100% silk fabrics in solid colours and/or hand-printed by the artist with heat-set acrylic paints, there is nothing straight about this quilt; all lines wobble. Densely quilted with variegated thread. If G's Bend quilters get away with it, why can't I? Gee, whiz!