Beyond the Abby Window

Beyond the Abby Window

Artist: Wen Redmond

Title: Beyond the Abby Window

Attribution: Beyond the Abby Window, 2022, Wen Redmond

Year: 2022

Materials: recycled book pages, artist printed digital silk organza, scrim, pearl cotton, stitched text, hand stitching.

Dimensions: 32x22

Image Statement: Text- The old walls glisten with age setting off a single arched window, shimmering a golden radiance from the sunlit vista beyond. The distance rumble of ocean waves, fill the nearly empty room, echoing from the bay below. Catching smells of damp salty air, I felt transported across the ages to when Iona Abby was first used. There’s a certain peace within as if the prayers of so many, so long ago, still reverberated, bound in its walls, captured in stone for me and anyone else who cares to listen.