Bonsai II

Bonsai II

Artist: Mary McCauley

Title: Bonsai II

Attribution: Bonsai II, 2020 Mary McCauley

Year: 2020

Materials: cotton, cork cloth, Alpaca felting, wire armature

Dimensions: 14" X 14" X 15"

Image Statement: Bonsai II is a representation of the Bonsai art form in fabrics. The tree is free motion stitched bark and over 800 leaves, all inidividually wired to allow shaping into the binsai form. The base is Alpaca felted batt and the container is made of panels of cotton fused to heavy interface. The entire form can be twisted and bent into several of the classic bonsai forms, spire, informal spire (shown here), windswept or semi-cascade.