Bottlecap Pearls

Bottlecap Pearls

Artist: Theda Sandiford

Title: Bottlecap Pearls

Attribution: Bottle Cap Pearls, 2021, Theda Sandiford

Year: 2021

Materials: Single use bottle caps strung on polyurethane ropes and blue and white rope strands draped and knotted onto an antique ladder.

Dimensions: 120 x 28 x 16 in

Image Statement: In 2020 my artist residency with NOW Friends in Nairobi Kenya was cancelled due to Covid. I had spent 6 months preparing for this residency, learning Swahili, researching local artists, textiles, and beading techniques. When I learned that travel would not be possible, I decided to use the time I would have been in Kenya to clean, drill and string thousands of bottle caps into larger-than-life strings of pearls. Each string of pearls represents the passage of time during the pandemic.