Catching Time

Catching Time

Artist: Ann Morton

Title: Catching Time

Attribution: Catching Time, 2018, Ann Morton

Year: 2018

Materials: Found wood plank, Found clevis, Found stones, Acrylic paint, Waxed linen, Monofilament

Dimensions: 8 ½”w x 43”h x 4”d

Image Statement: We underestimated the time it would take us to drive the Cape Brenton loop on the northeastern end of Nova Scotia. As night fell, we realized that if we kept driving, we would miss the magnificent views and landscape in the dark. So, with some trepidation on my part, we pulled just off the road at a viewpoint widening and decided to spend the night in the car. We carefully positioned the vehicle so that in the morning, our view would be down a vast valley, on out to the sea. It was a bit scary, but we were left undisturbed. Back on our way the next morning, we stopped at a beach where there were thousands of sea-smoothed stones stacked in cairns everywhere as far as we could see. It was as if we were receiving confirmation of our decision to stop and let time pass, so that we would not miss such a sight as this field of cairns. How often must we remind ourselves to stop, and catch time?