Artist: Judit Eszter Kárpáti

Title: Chromosonic

Attribution: Chromosonic, 2013, Judit Eszter Kárpáti and Esteban de la Torre (EJTECH)

Year: 2013

Materials: Linen, nichrome, dynamic pigment, custom electronics, custom software

Dimensions: 200cm x 80cm

Image Statement: Chromosonic reflects on the exponential growth of digitalisation in the physical world. It is an augmented textile structure, an electronic interface, and a sensitive second skin. In a time of screens, which pretend to be immaterial and untactile, we tend to forget that these interfaces are our primary methods and objects of organizing and interacting with the world. The flatness of the screen is materializing within reality, and turned to structure of threads. The screen printed glitches appear on a hand woven, flexible textile. A glitch is a short-lived fault in a system, many times due to mistranslation, or loss of information. Chromosonic contributes to the visualization of acoustics in the space between material research and art. Sound sources generate an electrical charge. This heats the material and the material in turn reacts visually. These processes can be overlaid and manipulated through the haptic interaction of the observer. In this way the material becomes an aesthetic metaphor for the complexity and interaction of systems.