Coming Full Circle II

Coming Full Circle II

Artist: Sue Conner

Title: Coming Full Circle II

Attribution: Coming Full Circle II, 2022, Sue Conner

Year: 2022

Materials: Re-purposed and eco-dyed fabric, fiber and found objects

Dimensions: 18x9x2.5

Image Statement: I re-discovered my passion for working with fiber and textiles after putting aside this medium for over 40 years. I found the slow stitching process to be restorative and calming as I followed my intuitive voice when placing and stitching the elements together. A certain childlike joy emerged as I experimented with ways to alter and re-purpose fabric. The distressed copper tubing was resurrected from a pile of discarded attempts to form a regular shape for a previous art piece – this irregular circle became the perfect foundation in which to place the constructed piece. The intent then became to communicate a sense of renewal and “coming full circle”. This ultimately made a significant impact on my creative process and has now become part of the catalyst for a larger body of work.