Community Wimple – See

Community Wimple – See

Artist: Rachel Kanter

Title: Community Wimple – See

Attribution: Community Wimple - See, 2021, Rachel Kanter

Year: 2021

Materials: Cotton, photographic images taken by the artist, solar reactive dye.

Dimensions: 72"x60"

Image Statement: In Judaism, a traditional “wimple” is a ritual object that binds the Torah and holds it closed. It is made from the swaddling cloth of a newborn baby and is decorated with the names and dates of life events for generations of the family. It also includes a prayer of hope for the baby’s life. The wimple becomes a historical record. Community Wimple-See is a reinvention of a traditional Jewish wimple. It is used to bind a community together: physically, spiritually and through the act of truly seeing humanity’s destruction of the earth and the beauty that will be lost.