Creating Love from Despair

Creating Love from Despair

Artist: Linda Kim

Title: Creating Love from Despair

Attribution: Creating Love from Despair, 2021, Linda M Kim

Year: 2021

Materials: Found fabric, recycled clothing, found beads, felt, sashiko thread, common thread, batting

Dimensions: 35.5 x 30 inches

Image Statement: In this second year of the pandemic, extreme natural disasters, and extremer divisive politics, how does one not succumb to anger and despair? Recently, while feeling disheartened, I came upon the Dalai Lama’s album, Inner World. In the last song, Humanity, he gently speaks about violence and killings due to human emphasis on “we and they, me and them”. Instead he advised compassion and connection to our fellow brothers and sisters, irrespective of differing beliefs. Hearing his soothing words lifted my spirits and I began this project with one small red heart and proceeded improvisedly. Love is tolerance and respect. Love is comfort and refuge. Love is color-blind and inclusive. Love is kindness and hope. Love is the answer.