Artist: Linda Colsh

Title: Danaë

Attribution: Danaë 2020 Linda Colsh

Year: 2020

Materials: Cotton fabric painted and printed by the artist; machine pieced & machine quilted

Dimensions: H48 x W12 inches

Image Statement: Inspired by the myth of Danaë, whom Zeus visited disguised as a shower of gold coins, I reinterpreted the Greek princess as a gentle, stooped woman walking along a path in the autumn woods. As morning mist lifts, the bronzed and golden colors of autumn trees signal the break from summer’s heat. Each year, I look forward to first frost, when fields sparkle and the morning sun shines silvery gold. The wind floats leaves from trees to fall to earth like gold coins. I call these my “Danaë Days” – days that remind me of Titian’s painting of Danaë with the princess looking up at gold coins raining down.