De/Re-Constructing City Patterns.

De/Re-Constructing City Patterns.

Artist: Philippa Renshaw

Title: De/Re-Constructing City Patterns.

Attribution: De/Re-Constructing City Patterns, 2023, Philippa Renshaw.

Year: 2023

Materials: Secondhand fabric, HeatNBond, Sewing Thread, Janome Sewing Machine, Olfa Rotary Cutter, Self Cutting Mat, Sewing Scissors.

Dimensions: 12ft wide x 14ft length

Image Statement: This piece a new iteration of making sense of the patterns around me is a 2 sided piece with cut outs to cast shadows onto the wall behind when hung from the ceiling and away from the wall. Created from 3 different 4ft width hangings to create a large piece working through colour gradients. This piece explores labour, time, love, craft, intuition, patience, hate, uncertainty, change, technology, balance, imbalance, chaos, clarity, consumption, value, appreciation, mapping, abstraction, urban development, happiness, sadness, organisation, confusion. Considering textile / fashion consumption, AI technologies and their influence on art, design, craft and the removal of the hand from items.