Draping Sound

Draping Sound

Artist: Judit Eszter Kárpáti

Title: Draping Sound

Attribution: Draping Sound, 2019, Judit Eszter Kárpáti and Esteban de la Torre (EJTECH)

Year: 2019

Materials: Technical textile, CuNi galvanized textile, class D amplifiers, aggregated sound cards, neodymium magnets, custom soft to hard cabeling, custom electronics

Dimensions: Variable dimensions

Image Statement: ‪Draping Sound is an installation and performance centered around the poiesis of time, space and limits of human perception. As sonorous phenomena unfolds, it constitutes spaces, mediates presence and articulates time. Visitors move freely throughout the installation to enable a heightened sensory encounter with diminute variations in correlation to the position of self within the space and the vibrating textiles. This liminal space appears at the threshold of consciousness and perception, unfolding the joint potentials of textile and sound as a spatiotemporal material process. ‬ ‪By augmenting textile into a multichannel electroacoustic transducer, Draping Sound explores sonic alogogenic properties via the unique timbre of textile, through sound compositions specifically written for and performed on a purely textile-sound system. The intrinsic materiality and expressivity of textiles, with their sensory-rich haptic experiences, create new methods to interact with and to experience sound. Patterns of high, mid and low range frequency tones sweep across the textile pieces, creating sound and resonating in physical territory.