Elsewhere (detail)

Elsewhere (detail)

Artist: Linda Colsh

Title: Elsewhere (detail)

Attribution: Elsewhere (detail), 2021

Year: 2021

Materials: cotton fabrics, dye & overdye, paint, thread, batting

Dimensions: H72xW58inches

Image Statement: With the onset of the pandemic, we disappeared behind facemasks and closed doors. When COVID imposed lockdowns, I wanted to develop a process to make figures vanish as if walking into fog and was able to do so with watered printing. The mystery of a rückenfigur (figure seen from the back) walking into a dark space and vanishing into the mist intrigues me. Stitching black fabrics, many overdyed, is difficult, but the resulting variations of shade, reflectivity and absorption make the artwork’s surface softly shimmer, reinforcing the effect of seeing through a thin mist of suspended water droplets.