Artist: Christine Aaron

Title: Emergence

Attribution: Emergence, 2020-present, Christine S. Aaron

Year: 2020-present

Materials: thousands of hand dyed silk cocoons, thread

Dimensions: dimensions variable. as shown 10 x 8 feet x 5 inches

Image Statement: Emergence (2020 to present) brings natural ephemera and processes to the forefront of my meditations on time and memory. The Emergence installation, containing hundreds of hand-dyed silk cocoons, seems to emerge and grow across the walls. Its expanse mirrors maps and migrations, reflecting the constant passage of time. All these series center on making connections, between the natural and the manmade, the past and the present, from human to human. I choose materials and processes that highlight the human hand, the resilience of the human spirit, our connectedness across geographies and experience. I offer a window into the beauty of the overlooked and highlight our interdependence with our environments and the marks they leave on us.