Excessively Handled

Excessively Handled

Artist: Darlyn Susan Yee

Title: Excessively Handled

Attribution: Excessively Handled, 2006 Darlyn Susan Yee

Year: 2006

Materials: Knotted Cotton String on Stone

Dimensions: 13-1/2 in h x 8-1/2 in w x 8-1/2 in d

Image Statement: I have been perfecting my knotting artistry for over 45 years. Working with simple materials such as cotton string, I sculpt each vessel carefully selecting and meticulously tying thousands upon thousands of knots. This labor-intensive technique, the process of making the work, becomes just as important as its resulting form. There is also a certain intimacy in my knotted work that is borne of the process itself. Each knot is a moment of my time spent in studio, providing structure and bringing a sense of order to the chaotic lengths of string and rope.