February: Spectator Sport

February: Spectator Sport

Artist: Katherine Gibson

Title: February: Spectator Sport

Attribution: February: Spectator Sport

Year: 2020

Materials: Acrylic, Thread, Canvas, Muslin

Dimensions: 72" x 96"

Image Statement: In February, confirmed Covid-19 cases were growing at an exponential rate. The graphs and charts were startling. Still operating under an illusion of safety, we in the US continued as if we were protected by imaginary boarders. Checking the news for daily recaps of death and infection across the Pacific brought voyeuristic pleasure. Online discussions about linear vs logarithmic scales erupted as we all became statisticians and epidemiologists from behind the safety of our computer screens. The World Health Organization released daily reports on the total case numbers, new infections, new deaths, total deaths, new recoveries and total recoveries. While a graph may represent data, without a key or scale the numbers are meaningless, morphing into banners for sport.