Forest Sampler

Forest Sampler

Artist: Michele Pollock

Title: Forest Sampler

Attribution: Forest Sampler, 2020, Michele Heather Pollock

Year: 2020

Materials: Paper, cotton thread, beads, wire, paper clay, embroidery thread

Dimensions: 15" x 28"

Image Statement: "Forest Sampler" is a three dimensional sampler (think of the samplers embroiderers make) featuring things I've seen over the last few years in my woods in Brown County, Indiana. Made with machine quilted paper, hand embroidery, beading, and paper sculpture. Displayed in an antique printer's tray. It was an adventure trying to engineer a way to re-create each forest finding in three-dimensions in paper. There are common things, like acorns and oak leaves and Virginia Creeper. But there is also the single Ginseng plant I found in my woods, and Fairy Sparkler fungus, and parasitic Ghost Plant. And of course Turkey Tail mushrooms, lots of moss, a couple slime molds and a moth.