Girl’s Work

Girl’s Work

Artist: Mimi Graminski

Title: Girl’s Work

Attribution: Girl's Work, 2021, Mimi Graminski

Year: 2021

Materials: Doll clothes, crocheted yarn, fabric, thread

Dimensions: 5'x3'x5"

Image Statement: This work began with a box of doll clothes from the artist’s childhood. While some were purchased, many she made as a child, in some of her first forays into art. They were made of scraps from homemade clothes and from findings brought by her parents’ friends, who worked in the garment district. To create this work, she used the clothes as a jumping off point and combined them with freeform crochet, highlighting the colors popular in the 1960’s. She wove together the clothes and yarn, with memories and emotions, in what was an organic process, to create a series that is a tribute to resiliency and creativity.