Gridscape 01

Gridscape 01

Artist: Seong Eun Lee

Title: Gridscape 01

Attribution: Gridscape 01, 2024, Seongeun Lee

Year: 2024

Materials: Cotton yarn, Wool yarn, Acrylic yarn

Dimensions: 30 x 45 x 10 (cm)

Image Statement: The grid is a common structure in everyday life and a fundamental organizational principle. From a material perspective, 'fiber' inherently symbolizes connection and weaving. In contemporary fiber art, the grid's composition method represents repetition and a continuous structure, allowing the sequential arrangement in contemporary fiber art to parallel individual elements without a particular logical conclusion, thus escaping the concept of center or focus. Just as various units in the work intertwine to form a strong structure, this piece reflects the complexity of our world formed by the interlocking of diverse elements.