Humanity Is Not A Spectator Sport

Humanity Is Not A Spectator Sport

Artist: Caron Tabb

Title: Humanity Is Not A Spectator Sport

Attribution: Caron Tabb, Humanity Is Not A Spectator Sport (2021)

Year: 2021

Materials: Found objects: basketball hoop, baseball bat, soccer balls, baseballs, softball, basketballs, golf balls, Barbie doll, bicycle spokes and chain, leather, wood, monofilament.

Dimensions: 25 x 20 x 89 inches

Image Statement: A sports match or a game is like a microcosm for life. While we can often be active and position ourselves to receive a pass or to score, at a certain point we may inevitably fall victim to the vagaries of fate. Scoring, winning, dominating, a missed ball, an errant hit, all of these causes lead to certain effects that may impact someone far from the initial action. The player’s force, strength, and intention directly impact the direction of the ball, the puck, the race, and this, in turn, creates a chain reaction with other players — not unlike human interactions. I see sports as an analogy for human relations. The cause and effect relationships that play out in the world, on the microscopic to macroscopic level, can cause catastrophic intended or unintended consequences and outcomes. While one might dispute the origins, the effects are irrefutable. Racial inequality, health disparities, famine, war, genocide, and climate change deeply impact our world. My own family members were lost in the Holocaust as a direct result of schemes, decisions, and horrific actions made by their fellow human beings. These actions ranging from small to large were all consequential to the lives of millions. One must not forget that positive cause and effect work the same way. Humanity is not a spectator sport. All of our actions matter.