I Choose Therefore I Am

I Choose Therefore I Am

Artist: Rachelle LeBlanc

Title: I Choose Therefore I Am

Attribution: Rachelle LeBlanc

Year: 2022

Materials: Vintage hand-stitched quilt made with men's suits, cotton, acrylic yarn, hand-dyed, hooked wool and cashmere, yarns made with up-cycled denim, cotton, wool, water bottles, vintage silk sarees, hand-woven wool, and polyester sash.

Dimensions: 62" x 60"

Image Statement: We all have the side that everyone sees. The uncomplicated one is meant to show comfort in oneself, the outward self that helps us feel like we belong. There is also a hidden self that has been hurt and broken. It tries to protect and shelter us from pain and rejection but is often confronted with the enforced self. The self that has decided what is best for us. The one that others have created to best suit their needs for comfort. The one that tells us who we are, who we should love, and what we can do with our bodies. The true beauty of self often happens when there is a choice. But our true self finds its way to break through the cracks. When this happens, we fight for who we truly areā€”our place in the world, our hopes, our dreams, and human rights. When there is a choice, there is a voice to choose with complete liberty and freedom for oneself.