Iy̓el̓shn: Once A Tree

Iy̓el̓shn: Once A Tree

Artist: Sandra Vander Schaaf

Title: Iy̓el̓shn: Once A Tree

Attribution: "Iy̓el̓shn: Once A Tree" 2023, Sandra Vander Schaaf

Year: 2023

Materials: fir bast and bark, wool

Dimensions: 21" x 16 x 1.5"

Image Statement: Sculpture composed of fibre from a single piece of storm-worn lá:yelhp (Halq'eméylem for Douglas Fir). Longer strands of bast became cordage. Shorter strands were felted with wool into log shapes, cut, joined together with handmade cordage, and held again between their own bark. 100% biodegradable.