Indigo Composition No. 19

Indigo Composition No. 19

Artist: Judy Kirpich

Title: Indigo Composition No. 19

Attribution: Indigo Composition No. 19, 2022, Judy Kirpich

Year: 2022

Materials: Cotton, Acrylic

Dimensions: 44"x44"

Image Statement: In 2021, my sister, brother and I moved my mother from her house of 46 years to an assisted living memory care unit. In less than a week we dismantled a house that was built by my father and full of my mother’s art. It was an upsetting experience. It was the only house I knew as a child, and was full of family memories. Indigo Composition Nos. 19 seeks to capture the jarring emotions I felt in the aftermath of the move and during that difficult week.