Indigo Panels

Indigo Panels

Artist: Astrid Bennett

Title: Indigo Panels

Attribution: Indigo panels, 2021, Astrid Hilger Bennett

Year: 2021

Materials: Natural organic indigo, Itajime (resist dyeing) with mixed media  cotton fabric, polymer medium, India ink

Dimensions: 79 x 82"

Image Statement: I established my outdoor community indigo vat during the Pandemic, in mid-August, 2021, inviting two local artists at a time to try samples over a two hour period. It has been a wonderful way to safely connect with other people and spend time exploring. On days we were not gathering as a community, I did my own personal work. Over two years, 45 people participated. Exploring indigo also allowed me to see how I might incorporate more sustainable natural dyeing into my own work in a way that fits in with the visual language I use.