Influx II

Influx II

Artist: Khadija Aziz

Title: Influx II

Attribution: Influx II, 2019, Khadija Aziz

Year: 2019

Materials: Digital print of artist's glitch art on cotton sateen, beading, embroidery floss, polyester thread, cotton batting.

Dimensions: 30x47.8”

Image Statement: Influx II is based on a mixed media painting, "Sting Me Not", made by the artist in 2016. The painting went through many stages of digital and hand manipulation before it became Influx II. The process included printing on paper, distorting, scanning, printing on fabric, distorting, scanning, and repeat. The viewer is able to see the relationship between the digital pixels and the woven structure of the fabric. Containing layers upon layers of memories of the original painting and the artist’s hands, Influx II can be interpreted as part of an endless series as well as its own entity.