Artist: Jes Reyes

Title: Intersections

Attribution: Intersections, 2021, Jes Reyes

Year: 2021

Materials: Acrylic ink, cotton fabric, twine

Dimensions: Installation, 10"x120"

Image Statement: I am a process-oriented multimedia artist looking to continue with and expand the ways in which I incorporate textiles into my artwork and practice. Last fall I created my first site-specific installation for an exhibit with the Eagan Art House (Minnesota) as part their Momentary Certainties exhibit, a temporary outdoor presentation where they invited artists to create new artwork that connected with and interacted with the natural landscape. My “piece, Interconnected,” reflects upon the movement of the wind. It also expresses an enduring appreciative and thoughtful relationship with nature. During its outdoor installation, the flags shifted and moved with the weather. Natural and unpredictable changes occurred to the artwork, including fraying, fading, and altered textures.