Viral over Virile

Viral over Virile

Artist: Constance Collins

Title: Viral over Virile

Attribution: Viral over Virile ; 2020 ; Constance W. Collins

Year: 2020

Materials: Upcycled handwoven alpaca, bamboo & silk fabrics

Dimensions: 12" (w) x 9" (h)

Image Statement: Viral over Virile presents myriad layers of patterns and fabric mutations that offer numerous interpretations as the viewer lingers. It suggests that COVID showed us how easily viral beats virile. COVID also redefined aggression from the brute force masculine approach into the mutable sophistication of viral variants. Initially, healthy individuals succumbed to the lethal strains as we tried to counteract its global spread. Primitive suggestions as well as proven practical solutions tried to mitigate particle spread and conquer it. But even after vaccines were created, the virus continues to mutate to survive. It proves that while our aggressive countermeasures reduced the impact, they could not eradicate it.