Landing on Joy

Landing on Joy

Artist: Mimi Graminski

Title: Landing on Joy

Attribution: Landing on Joy, 2020, Mimi Graminski

Year: 2020

Materials: Logs, lace stencils, flour

Dimensions: 6'x8'x3'

Image Statement: I often work with things I find in nature - animating and imbuing meaning into objects both natural and man-made. Inspiration comes from materials and paradoxes that exist simultaneously in our world - fragility and strength, transparency and opacity, vicissitudes of memory, beauty in flaws. The ephemeral nature of this piece speaks to the multifaceted and ever-changing connection I have to my roots. Honoring the legacy of my immigrant grandmothers’ hard work, I mine the lace and flour they used in their everyday lives. I begin with the delicacy of woman-made intricate patterns, deriving strength from the hundreds of interlocking stitches, an homage to women’s labor. Contrasted with rough-cut logs, the work speaks to the balance of nature’s creative and destructive forces. A tree weathered by a storm enjoys new life as lace blooms across its severed branches. Like memories, the patterns fade and dissolve over time.