Artist: Rachel Kanter

Title: Laundry

Attribution: Laundry, 2018, Rachel Kanter

Year: 2018

Materials: Vintage drying rack, cotton, hand dyed embroidery floss

Dimensions: 51” x 51” x 40”

Image Statement: “Laundry” is about washing clothes as a form of purification. The sexist, disparaging words that are embroidered on each of the women’s tallit katan (fringed garment) are in the process of being washed out and removed. The dye in the thread stains the undergarments just as these hurtful words that are said every day to women leave a mark on them. Ditsy, Bossy, Neurotic, Shrill, Nag, Diva, Frumpy, Prude, Dramatic, Bitchy, Slut, Hormonal.