Let The Good Times Roll!

Let The Good Times Roll!

Artist: Mary-Ellen Latino

Title: Let The Good Times Roll!

Attribution: Let the Good Times Roll!

Year: 2022

Materials: cotton, photo, dyed cloth, Inktense pencils, metallic foil, canvas, threads

Dimensions: 24 x 24 x 1 inch

Image Statement: This image of a rustic old farm truck was inspired by a visit to the quaint town of Harmony, CA., a Central Coast destination for artists and those seeking peace. The abandoned relic was proudly basking among the thick grass and trees behind the glass-blowing building. For me it conjured up sweet memories of the good old days and pieces of the past, bringing me joy and harmony. “She loved the smell of old truck; thick cotton and vinyl seat covers, old gasoline and oil, the smell of country, decades of farmers, workers and families taking trips back and forth to town, up backroads to swimming holes, over fields, through all the weather. She imagined what this truck would have seen if it had eyes and a memory. “ Glenda Love