Life on the Peninsula

Life on the Peninsula

Artist: Evette Allerdings

Title: Life on the Peninsula

Attribution: Life on the Peninsula, 2023, Evette Allerdings and Mary Tyler

Year: 2023

Materials: Hand dyed cotton, Hand painted Silk Charmeuse, polyester and cotton thread

Dimensions: 20.5”x20.5”x1.25”

Image Statement: Participating in a “UFO” challenge with a group of fiber artists. We blindly exchanged identical brown bags of someone UFO and had to create new art from someone unwanted art. I got 3 circles and 2 triangles sewn with batting in them. I took them apart and created circles. I took one of my own older pieces that I had experimented using rock salt on painted silk. I machine appliquéd the pieces of dyed cotton then free motion quilted on it. Each circle represents the element around where I live. Plant, sea, fire, glacier rocks and rain. Featuring life and bringing new life from unfinished art.