Love is Metaphysical Gravity

Love is Metaphysical Gravity

Artist: Elise Vazelakis

Title: Love is Metaphysical Gravity

Attribution: Love is Metaphysical Gravity, 2023, Elise Vazelakis

Year: 2023

Materials: Plastic Water Bottles, Plastic Packaging, monofilament wire, Reclaimed Yarn from Thrift Store Sweater, Wire Mesh, Rope,

Dimensions: 20x20 feet

Image Statement: Love is Metaphysical Gravity, explores the concept of material transformation and the potential of discarded objects. The repurposing of detritus into art examines the effects of excessive materialism and consumerism fueled by capitalism. In this exhibition, I reflect on my buying habits and consider the transformative potential of art as a force for environmental awareness. After experiencing the impact of the climate crisis firsthand, I felt compelled to create artwork inspired by this event. In 2018, the Woolsey Fire destroyed my home and became the impetus for making the textile sculptures in the exhibition. The work reconfigures water bottles and packaging materials, highlighting the potential of art to shape our relationship with the material world and initiate discussions about our responsibility in mitigating the climate crisis. Ecofeminism is a critical lens through which I view my artwork and the impact I have on the environment. Repurposing items that are usually thrown out, my practice aligns with values of sustainability, community, and respect for the natural world. Through my creative process, I aim to challenge the systems prioritizing profit over the planet's health and its inhabitants. Love is Metaphysical Gravity invites viewers to consider art's transformative power and potential to create a more sustainable future. Reconfiguring discarded materials into art is a way for me to initiate a discourse about the environmental impact of consumerism and capitalism. Additionally, my work engages with the critical perspective of ecofeminism, which emphasizes the interconnectedness of humans and nature and advocates for a more just and equitable society. Ultimately, I seek to inspire change and encourage a more mindful relationship with the material world by contemplating purchasing behavior and its impact on our planet.