Mr. Miller’s Hydrangeas

Mr. Miller’s Hydrangeas

Artist: Patricia Hooten

Title: Mr. Miller’s Hydrangeas

Attribution: Mr. Miller's Hydrangeas, 2023, Patricia See Hooten

Year: 2023

Materials: 3 mm 100% Merino wool felt, 2 mm 100% Merino wool felt, unbleached muslin

Dimensions: 24" x 32"

Image Statement: More comfortable with a pair of scissors than a pencil or a paintbrush, my early interests in origami and paper craft evolved toward a more enduring medium, pure wool felt. This age-old material is reimagined through my graphic, minimalist style and the application of paper engineering techniques. Transferring a tab-slot construction method to this sound-absorbing, organic material, I replaced stitched seams with interlocking joints. I call the result textile joinery - fresh fiber design with an edge, that appeals to the eye as well as to the touch.