My Stitched Left Hand

My Stitched Left Hand

Artist: Sharon Webster

Title: My Stitched Left Hand

Attribution: My Stitched Left Hand, 2019, Sharon Webster

Year: 2020

Materials: laminated x-ray, red thread, painted wood

Dimensions: 15 in x 20 in

Image Statement: In my collection of stitched x-rays, I use sewing as a super power, healing meditation and exploration. These studies are a reflection on the vulnerability of the body – and likewise on the human condition. When I was diagnosed with severe arthritis, I was curious to see what was going on in my body underneath the skin. What I found was organic and beautiful, in spite of deformities. The erosion of the bones was visible, but much healthy engineering was there, too. Through the process of making these works, the curved, deteriorated spine became a totem of strength. To see more of Sharon’s work, explore her website,