Napkin drawing – Joshua & Sparkie

Napkin drawing – Joshua & Sparkie

Artist: Luanne Seymour

Title: Napkin drawing – Joshua & Sparkie

Attribution: Joshua & Sparkie, 2022, Luanne Seymour

Year: 2022

Materials: Linen upcycled napkin, cotton hand-dyed threads

Dimensions: 16.5x23"

Image Statement: After decades of a design career in Silicon Valley, I've had countless opportunities to create a napkin drawing. While lunching with friends or co-workers as an idea begins to develop, we'd draw it on whatever was at hand -- usually a paper napkin. During the last 5 years I lost 4 close family members. I started this project to help myself deal with the grief. What better place to sketch my happy memories than onto the cloth that witnessed countless dinners, tipsy toasts, birthday and holiday celebrations.