Northwest Canada Chair

Northwest Canada Chair

Artist: Susan Clark

Title: Northwest Canada Chair

Attribution: Northwest Canada Chair, 2017, Susan M. Clark

Year: 2017

Materials: Hand painted found wooden chair frame, embroidery, painting & embellishments, LED lights, sound, motion sensor

Dimensions: 105 cm high, 52 cm wide, 50 cm deep

Image Statement: In 2017, I returned to western Canada with its wide-open landscapes. Hours on the road are necessary to get anywhere. At one time, there were passenger trains and publically supported long distance buses, but now everyone drives them selves, and hauls their grain, etc. Young fellows who have done well in the oil patch buy themselves large impressive trucks. Other features of this resource-based economy such as oil derricks and diamonds figure in the embroidery. This noisy, bright chair is my kinetic reaction to all of this!