Oak Leaves III Bur Oak in green

Oak Leaves III Bur Oak in green

Artist: Andrea Finch

Title: Oak Leaves III Bur Oak in green

Attribution: Oak Leaves III Bur Oak in green 2019 Andrea Finch

Year: 2019

Materials: Quilted Textiles

Dimensions: 16”wide x 40”high x7”deep

Image Statement: The leaf series evolved from my general interest in trees and my new intense interest in oaks. My parents were moving out of the home I grew up in, which is surrounded by large oak trees; Swamp Chestnut, Red, White & Pin Oaks. As a collector of all types of fabric, decorators and furniture stores supply me with a wide assortment of fabric. Using 'recycled' fabrics that would have ended up in the trash and the restrictions of a small piece of fabric that I cannot replace makes the work more exciting to me. Wanting to add movement to my quilts I began to study falling leaves which continues to intrigue me. This is the third in the series, the negative space has become more important as the series progresses. I want to educate people about all the wonderful reasons to grow oaks; long lived, food for animals, shade, and all the interesting leaf shapes.