Pandemic Patterns

Pandemic Patterns

Artist: Alison Schwabe

Title: Pandemic Patterns

Attribution: Pandemic Patterns, 2020, Alison Schwabe

Year: 2020

Materials: Cottons, polyester threads, wool blend batting.

Dimensions: 72cmw x 94cmh

Image Statement: "People of every skin colour, all ages, different cultures and many faiths, vast numbers of struggling bodies finally surrender their souls, and are carefully laid side by side in hastily dug graves in hastily cleared fields. Others are stacked in cool storage awaiting cremation. There's little opportunity to comfort the dying or farewell the dead, and countless burials take place with only the grave diggers in attendance. Ghastly new patterns spread out on the Earth's surface, reflecting pain and grief that will last long after the graves are overgrown ... ashes to ashes, dust to dust."