Petrified Logs, var. 1 and 2 (diptych)

Petrified Logs, var. 1 and 2 (diptych)

Artist: Mary-Ellen Latino

Title: Petrified Logs, var. 1 and 2 (diptych)

Attribution: Petrified Logs, var. 1 and 2 (diptych) Mary-Ellen Latino

Year: 2022

Materials: silk broadcloth, photos, dyed Fabric, metallic foil, thread

Dimensions: 64 x 25

Image Statement: Imagine trees turned to stone bursting with color, surface design and amazing glimmer. Such natural beauty abounds at the Petrified Forest National Park. This captivating desert landscape with thousands of fossilized tree stumps and logs fills the soul with inspiration! As I walked about the sanctuary, I was in awe of such beauty created over a span of 200 million years by Mother Nature. These petrified logs provide a majestic example of strength and perseverance in the face of adversity.